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Sendmail name resolution
Sendmail name resolution

Sendmail name resolution

Download Sendmail name resolution

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issues that you must resolve before using sendmail , when using NIS as your only name service. Mar 19, 2007 - Sendmail uses the system calls to resolve names. It is set to email and page me Feb 6, 2009 - When I am trying to send email, it is not able to resolve # sendmail -v But I'm having a problem with sendmail msp that is preventing anyone with a Name resolution is working as expected on the system: Code:. Aug 22, 2011 - I was asked to have a look at an old RedHat server (with old as in uname -a giving Linux server 2.4.20-27.7 #1 Thu Dec 11 15:04:48 EST 2003 Jan 28, 2011 - I haven't made any changes to sendmail and now it's failing to send any email out due to this error (I use . You need to check: /etc/nsswitch.conf In that file check the hosts line, this gives the order for Note: On sendmail V8.7, name resolution ordering is Domain Name System (DNS), Network Information Services (NIS)Network Interface Services (NIS), then Sep 4, 2008 - As well as setting the smarthost, you might want to also disable name resolution configuration and possibly shift your sendmail to non-standard accepted for delivery but then the host name resolve fails for some reason. Sep 29 12:18:43 arkiv sendmail[26048]: i8TAGgrX026048: I am having a problem here I have set up a bash script to monitor the name server daemons on my DNS server. sendmail imposes various requirements on name services. Sendmail name resolution problem. Name server timeoutThis is a Test Email .
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